Kuluna maan


As part of JOinUP! project, Oxfam in Jordan will launch this initiative in 2019 to create a dedicated space for reflection and knowledge production, debate and campaigning around questions of social impact of Social Enterprises (SEs), and to promote inclusive economic models. The initiative will create elements of narrative, drawing from feminist and innovative economic principles to set the basis for a holistic approach to social entrepreneurship support. The “Kuluna Maa” Initiative will focus on social entrepreneurship and women as a strategic, foundational theme, but it will more generally approach social entrepreneurship and questions of social impact from an inclusion (gender/age/ability/other diversity factors) perspective. The initiative will ensure consistency with other existing, national – organic initiatives in Jordan that advocate for socioeconomic inclusion and/or equal access to decent jobs. The initiative will nurture the emergence of a “Community of Idea” to accompany, stimulate and sustain the emergence of a “Community of Practice” constituted by social entreprises and their ecosystem. In particular, the initiative will disseminate and amplify dialogues and ideas both among specialized audiences (for instance academia, civil society actors and practitioners) but also the general public (through innovative communications product and social and traditional media outreach), as a matter of participation and accountability. It will set Minimum Standards for future action aiming to support social entrepreneurship development and socioeconomic inclusion of those cast aside the mainstream economy. Even if not binding, such symbolic standards may help future advocacy efforts frame the debate around socioeconomic decisions in terms that are inclusive at their core and by default (instead of only promoting cosmetic improvements at the margins). The initiative will provide opportunities for networking and alliance building on socioeconomic matters, women’s economic empowerment and inclusive jobs – the challenge and goal being to be as inclusive as possible, through quarterly meetings.

About JoinUP! “SESO (Social Entrepreneurship Support Organization)Community Meetups

Community meet –ups were considered within the JoinUp scope in order to encourage synergies within the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan. TTi and in close collaboration with Oxfam will work on the facilitation of monthly meet-ups between key Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations, in conclusion, 20 networking events will be organized with the primary objective of “To encourage cooperation and collaboration between SESOs in Jordan and the establishment and sustainability of the SESO network”.