About JoinUp

About JOInUP!

JoinUP! Is an EU-funded project, implemented by Oxfam (lead), TTi (Local partner) and Diesis (European Partner), JOinUP! seeks to ‘contribute to increase economic and social inclusion and job creation especially for women and disadvantaged / marginalized groups in Jordan’ combining the experience and skill sets of national and international partners to focus on the growth of social enterprises and a more inclusive formal economy in Jordan.

In order to reach it set objectives, JOinUP! will include the below well-structured activities:

  • Creation a “online resource center” of the Social Entrepreneurship Support Organisation services( SESO’s) eco-system in Jordan
  • Monthly meetups between Social Entrepreneurship Support Organisation services(SESO’s).
  • Provision of capacity building/technical assistance for
  • Social Entrepreneurship Support Organisation services(SESO’s).
  • Run the “Kuluna Maa” (“We Are All Together”) Initiative
  • Funding 50 social entrprises to receive the sub-granting
  • Training selected sub-grantees on inclusion & linked them with
  • Social Entrepreneurship Support Organisation services(SESO’s).
  • Sccusess story 


January 2019 – June 2021


All over Jordan and especially rural area

Project objectives


To contribute to increase economic and social inclusion and job creation especially for women and disadvantaged /marginalized groups in Jordan



Increasing the quality and accessibility of Social Entrepreneurship Support Organisation services(SESO’s) for inclusive Social Enterprises, in particular women-led SEs


Increase income generation opportunities and improve the quality of income generation opportunities.


Improve the conditions for the development of Social Entrepreneurship as a driver for economic and social inclusion in Jordan.


Increase assets to economic opportunities to marginalized groups (especially woman, youth and refugees).

joinup activities

Launching a national resource center of SESO’s
“Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations – SESO’s” An online platform will be created to outline all active stakeholders in the SESO ecosystem to help SEs and SESOs to access information about available projects, services and opportunities in the ecosystem.
The Community Meetups
As “Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations – SESO’s” play a significant role in building the local social enterprises capacities, JOinUP! will work on facilitating monthly meetups between key SESO’s, the meet-ups scope will work on reaching, identifying and engaging SESO’s
SESO’s Capacity building
“Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations – SESO’s” As part of the ecosystem research JOinUP! will also conduct a wide-range needs’ assessment among social entrepreneurship support organizations – SESO’s, then work on solid capacity building plans addressing those needs, inspired by the vision of JOinUP!, this capacity building component will also include building the capacity of SESO’s to run inclusive programs for disadvantaged groups, mainly women, youth, people with disabilities and refuges.
The “Kulluna Ma’an” (“We Are All Together”) Initiative.
The “Kuluna Maa” Initiative is focusing on social entrepreneurship and women as a strategic, foundational theme. But it will more generally draw from feminist and innovative economic principles to set the basis for a holistic approach to social entrepreneurship support from an inclusion (gender/age/ability/other) perspective.
Social Enterprises Funding
"SE's - Social Enterprise" Selection of 50 SEs to receive funding under the sub-granting scheme focusing on social enterprises identified as having a high potential for driving development, inclusive job creation, social innovation, and women's economic empowerment
Social Enterprises Capacity Building
"SE's - Social Enterprise" Training selected sub-grantees among selected social enterprises on inclusion of women and disadvantaged/marginalized groups, and connected to women-led and other specific peer-to-peer support mechanisms
SE’s & SESO’s linkages creation
Link Selected sub-grantees with Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations’ services through a voucher scheme, and connect them to support network
SE’s Mentoring
"SE's - Social Enterprise" Group mentoring of selected sub-grantees and peer-to-peer learning.
Success Stories Showcasing
Production of case studies showcasing success stories capturing entrepreneur profiles and audiences, as well as stories of women’s, youth, PWDs’ and refugees’ inclusion.
Exchange Study Visits
The study visits will be undertaken by a small, targeted group of Jordanian representatives of SESOs and/or SEs to link EU and Jordanian organizations and networks, for learning, exchange of good practice and networking.


40 SESOS “Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations – SESO’s” estimated 60 technical staff – working closely with SEs and willing to improve the quality of their services through inclusion training, peer learning, partnerships and capacity building.

50 Social enterprises that show a high potential for driving inclusive job creation, social innovation and women’s economic empowerment in promising sectors. Particular attention (through earmarked proportions of the sub-granting scheme) will be given to SEs led by and/or that provide jobs for women, youth, PWDS, and refugees or which create impact at both urban and rural areas, in particular poverty pockets.

Specialized stakeholders (public, semi-public, private, civil Society) that work to advance the socioeconomic status of disadvantaged groups’ or work on inclusive entrepreneur- ship and social innovation.

Targeted women, youth, PWDS(People with disabilities)and refugees and their house- holds. Media and influencing institutions, governmental bodies educational institutions, Private sector representatives and investors and financial institutions.


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Oxfam works to improve people’s lives, and lift communities out of poverty. From life-saving emergency responses to life-changing development projects and campaigning, our amazing supporters help make all this possible.

 project LEAD

TTi Established in 2010 as a non-profit Jordanian NGO with the mission of spreading entrepreneurship culture among young Jordanians. TTi main focus is aspiring young and women entrepreneurs. Since 2010, TTi could proudly serve more than 6000 beneficiaries.

national implementing partner

DIESIS is the EU network specialised in supporting Social Economy and Social Enterprises development. We cover 10+ EU countries with major national federations and national support networks.

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